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  International Comparison Program 2017
You are here: News Archive / 2017-02-07
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International Comparison Program 2017
International experts visited the National Statistics Office of Georgia on 6-9 February. The main objective of the visit was to plan the activities related to the participation of Georgia in the 2017 round of International Comparison Program (ICP).
The objective of International Comparison Program is to compare the Gross Domestic Products of the participating countries regarding the Purchasing Power Parity.
International Comparison Program gives the opportunity of comparing the levels of welfare of various countries. Up to 200 countries participate in the 2017 round of International Comparison Program. Participation of Georgia in the project is performed compared to the countries of Eurostat-OECD PPP, which comprises the member states as well as candidate countries of the European Union and OECD, the member states of the EFTA and Western Balkans.
Currently, in the framework of the working meeting the international experts together with the staff members discuss the organizational matters of the program components to be performed.
Producer Price Index in Georgia, March 2018
Producer Price Index for Industrial Products
External Merchandise Trade of Georgia (January-March, 2018)
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