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  Geostat introduced the new methodology for determining the size of enterprises to business sector.
You are here: News Archive / 2017-03-01
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Geostat introduced the new methodology for determining the size of enterprises to business sector.
National Statistics Office has developed a new methodology for determining the size of the enterprises in compliance with international standards. Today Ms. Meri Daushvili, Executive Director of Geostat presented the above mentioned news.
The methodology for determining the size of enterprises was developed in 2002 and based on the turnover and average annual number of employees .
According to the changes, to determine the size of the enterprises carried out by using the turnover and the number of employees as criteria. However, to define the range of number of employees were used the criteria proposed by Eurostat . Also to determine the range of turnover carried out by using of PPP(Purchasing Power Parities).
The methodology for determining the size of enterprises in line with EU standards in Georgia is one of the Eurostat recommendations mentioned in Sector Review. It is also stipulated to develop the new definitions of enterprises by size at the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Development Strategy in 2016-2017.
According to the recommendations of international experts, Geostat will publish Business Statistics indicators using as new as well as existing methodologies within the next year.
In addition, gradually will be implemented recalculation of the previous period data to facilitate with international standards.
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