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  Presentation of a New Statistical Product
You are here: News Archive / 2017-11-17
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Presentation of a New Statistical Product
Today, on November 17, the National Statistics Office of Georgia presented a new statistical product – Geographic Information System in Business Statistics (GIS analysis portal) - at the Parliament of Georgia. The product provides the exhaustive visualization of geographic (spatial) analysis and survey results through the interactive maps that is especially important in terms of regional analysis. 
According to the statement of the Geostat management, implementation of Geo-information System in statistics provides the opportunity for the visualization of comparative analysis and survey results of different regions in the country. The geographic coordinates of the active companies are displayed as well on the map. 
The implementation of Geographic Information System will facilitate the preservation of resources and improvement of data accuracy and quality to produce and disseminate statistics. It ensures the simplification of data collection and monitoring process. 
GIS analysis portal was created on the basis of Geographic Information System (GIS) and is available on the Geostat web-page. Various statistical information will be reflected on the GIS analysis portal. The event was attended by the representatives of International Organizations, NGOs and government institutions.
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