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Social Statistics
  1. Current International recomendations on labour statistics 1988 Edition - International labour office (ILO), Geneva

  2. Surveys of economically active population, employment, unemployment and underemployment (An ILO manual on concept and methods) – Ralf Hussmanns, Farhad Mehran and Vijay Vermo - International labour office Geneva 1990.

  3. Measurement of employment, unemployment and underemployment – Current international standards and issues in their application

  4. General definitions and explanations of the Labour Statistics - International Labour Organisation (ILO)

  5. An integrated system of wages statistics – A manual of methods - International labour office Geneva

  6. Handbook on Household Surveys, UN, New-York 1984

  7. Recommendation of Division of Policy Analysis and Public Affairs United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Vienna International Centre

  8. Recomendation of the Statistical Institution of UNESCO (Education, Science, Culture)

  9. Recomendation of the UNECE and UN WOMEN on gender statistics

  10. Labour Force Statistics

  11. Subsistence Minimum Calculation Methodology for Working Age Male
Energy Balance of Georgia
Geostat Hosts the Colleagues from Azerbaijan
National Statistics Office of Georgia hosts colleagues from the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Within two days, Georgian colleagues will share their experience with in external debt and inte
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