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Deputy Executive Director
Maia Guntsadze

Telephone: (+995 32) 2367210 (002)

Fax: (+995 32) 2367213

E-mail Address: mguntsadze@geostat.ge


2012- present Deputy Executive Director of National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat);

2011 -2012 Head of Tbilisi Bureau of National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat);

2010 – 2011 Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund (MCG) Program Impact Evaluation Project Manager National Statistics Office of Georgia;

2007 –2010 Ministry of Finance of Georgia Revenue Service Tbilisi Tax Inspectorate Tax payers Service Department Head of Department;

2005–2007 JSC “Tbilgazi”, “Kaztransgaz-Tbilisi” LTD Head of Business-Center, Head of distribution, etc

Teaching Experience:

2016 - present Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Tbilisi open university Strategic Management, finances, economics


2008-2011 Georgian Technical University, Faculty of Business Engineering PHD Degree in Economics; Dissertation work –“Risk Management and Decision Making Analysis in Project Management”;

2001 – 2003 Georgian Technical University, Humanitarian Faculty MPA- Masters Degree in Public Administration with honors; Grades Master’s thesis- " The General Structure and Essence of the Government";

1996 – 2001 Georgian Technical University, Humanitarian Faculty BPA- Bachelor Degree in Public Administration with honors.


2017 Oxford University , Subject: Economics & Finance Course: From Poverty to Prosperity: Understanding Economic Development;

2017 International Statistical Institute (ISI) Course: Independence and Integrity of official statistics;

2014 Capacity Building in International Relations, Georgia Capacity Building for European Integration: EU Acquis and Negotiations, EU;

2014 Capacity Building in International Relations, Georgia EU Acquis and the Approximation Process to EU Norms and Standards, EU;

2014 Georgia Agricultural Policy Initiative Collecting and Analyzing Agricultural Data Workshop USDA;

2011 International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) The world business organization Alternative Dispute Resolution and Corporate Governance;

2008 The project of European Union of Support to Tax Administration Project Management;

2004 International Republican Institute (IRI) – Political Campaign Academy;

1999 Educational Courses in Economic with special program for managers and Specialists of Ministries and Institutions;

1999 Civil education project with the Central European University - Introductions to Public Administration;

1999 USA the Washington D.C. Workshops Foundation, National student leadership seminars - Participant of diplomacy and global affairs seminars;

1999 Annual National Republican Youth Scientific-technological Conference GTU, - Winner of the first place for theme “Corruption and its Psychological and social Aspects”

Scientific Publications:

1.Types and Sources of Risks - Scientific magazine “AUTHORITY AND SOCIETY (History, Theory, Practice)” 2011,#17;

2.Definition and Management of Value at Risk - Scientific magazine “AUTHORITY AND SOCIETY (History, Theory, Practice)” 2011,#17;

3.Value at Risk and problem of its measuring in Project Management - Scientific magazine “AUTHORITY AND SOCIETY (History, Theory, Practice)” 2011,#18;

4.Financial and Market-type Risk - Scientific magazine “ Social Economic- XXI century's actual problems” 2011, #3;

5.Value at Risk in Public Management - Scientific-Analytical magazine "Georgia's Economic" 2011, #6

6.Value at Risk (VAR) - Scientific magazine “Social Economic- XXI century's actual problems” 2011, #3

7.“Economic Aspects of Public Administration” Scientific Conference, GTU - Methods of Project Risks Management, 2010.


2001, 2002 Ireland, The project of European Union

2003, 2004 for seriously ill children “Barrestown Gang camp” – Volunteer, Interpreter

· Microsoft Office Applications
· Internet/Web browsers
· E-document
· etc.

Georgian – Native,
English –Fluent,
Russian – Fluent,

Date of birth - May 3, 1979,
Citizenship – Georgian
Marital Status: Married



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